Oh the Weekend!!

    Many people live life for the weekend. Everyday of the week is just a countdown to Friday... I used to do the same thing until I realized that by doing that I am not cherishing Mon-Thurs and I'm wasting all of that time away. So I've decided to no longer live for the... Continue Reading →


God really does care about you and He wants to carry your load. He is bigger than any problem that you face.

"casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you." -1 Peter 5:7 Rather than trying to handle our problems on our own and ultimately making more of a mess, we should cast our problems to God and trust Him to work it out. We do this through prayer. We tell God our problems and... Continue Reading →

Let's start this new day off right! Walk in VICTORY over everything that is hold you back. We are MORE than conquerors in Christ Jesus! Be victorious!

This week has been a challenging one to say the least. So many crazy mountains and hurdles have come out of nowhere. Normally I'm the person who helps those around me with errands, encouragement, prayer, etc but this week the tables were turned. It was truly humbling to be in situations where I had to... Continue Reading →

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