Still on my 'No Heat Challenge'. Today marks 40days!! Go me!! It's definitely a challenge because I LOVE my hair pressed out but I shall continue to sacrifice for the sake of my curl pattern. Products: Treluxe Leave In Conditioner Oil Water     The Process: Last night I washed my hair and used my... Continue Reading →


Why do I allow my brain to win? I find myself listening to my sinful thoughts WAAAAYY too much when I actually need to be talking to myself. When I listen to myself it normally results in discouragement, regret & plain 'ol icky-ness (yea I said icky-ness.) It sounds like this: "OMG, do you remember... Continue Reading →

My Dream Reader is the person who loVes Jesus and loVes comics! Being a Christian already sets you apart from the world so there are many things that you can relate to but your desires change when you submit your life to Christ. Ultimately you no longer desire to please your sinful flesh but rather... Continue Reading →

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Why Blog? Why Now? I'm glad you asked!I'm going to make this short and sweet because this is wordpress for goodness sake. There are a megabazillion blogs to read and not enough hours in a day to get through them all. Why I chose to start blogging:1. I LOVE talking and writing2. I LOVE Jesus Christ and... Continue Reading →

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