My Hair Actually Grows!!!

March 2014 vs October 2014 Overview of my journey: March 2013 I began transitioning to natural hair. I mainly got my hair pressed out during that time. February 14, 2014 I cut off the rest of my perm and was completely natural... I figured that I could love myself on that Valentine's Day by reminding myself... Continue Reading →


August 2014 Hair

Hey friends! Here is my August 2014 hair (hopefully it stays up all month). I got this style done recently while in TX visiting family (my cousin puts in werrrk). So the sides are my natural hair braided and the middle has weave added into long twists. The hair comes down to my waist but... Continue Reading →

7/24/14 NHP

I am so sorry. I have not posted an updated NHP, 'Natural Hair Puff', pic in about a week. My puffs may look the same to most people but they are all unique to me. Everyday they look slightly different. BOOM! Flawlessness! I'm all about keeping things ShOrT, SweeT &SiMpLe!!! Life is already complicated enough.... Continue Reading →

Daily Opportunities

    Each day comes with new opportunities so take advantage of them and strive for greatness. We don't have to wait until a new year to start change. We can make up our minds to change TODAY! It is up to us.


  Today's puff!! Soon I'll have to do a side by side to show my growth from my chop in February to where it is now.   Woke up with a smile on my face because I feel refreshed in Christ. There is nothing like waking up to new mercies each morning and having that... Continue Reading →

Team Natural Encouragement

To my natural ladies:: Enjoy your curls!! Fight Frizz! Don't allow shrinkage to defeat your mindset. Despite what shrinkage may tell you everyday; your hair IS growing and you ARE flawless! Kinky Curls are the new fashion lifestyle (not a trend).

Natural Chicks Be Like: "It's wash day. But I have somewhere to go.... .... HEAD WRAP!!" I personally cannot do a wash n go unless I put my hair in a puff but there would be much shrinkage. So If I have somewhere to go, I twist my hair then do a head wrap... Works... Continue Reading →

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