So Comic Con is coming up on June 28th and I am uber excited! This will be my first time attending. Unfortunately I won't be dressing for the occasion as the African American Padme (LoL) or as the African American version of Faora but I will be there and I guess that's what matters.... Continue Reading →


The Joker

This morning I'm watching the Old School Batman. I know that both Jokers are different in terms of personality, movie expectations within the year that they were made, etc. But for the sake of this post: which Joker was your favorite and why? I like both but Heath caught more of my attention. I liked... Continue Reading →

My Dream Reader is the person who loVes Jesus and loVes comics! Being a Christian already sets you apart from the world so there are many things that you can relate to but your desires change when you submit your life to Christ. Ultimately you no longer desire to please your sinful flesh but rather... Continue Reading →

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