Embrace YOUR Uniqueness

Variety... When we go to grocery stores and department stores we love variety. Options make life fun, interesting and exciting. Humans love variety. We love trying new things in order to see life from a new perspective or just to try something new. Variety can be a positive thing. I would not want to shop... Continue Reading →


My Hair Actually Grows!!!

March 2014 vs October 2014 Overview of my journey: March 2013 I began transitioning to natural hair. I mainly got my hair pressed out during that time. February 14, 2014 I cut off the rest of my perm and was completely natural... I figured that I could love myself on that Valentine's Day by reminding myself... Continue Reading →

Daily Opportunities

    Each day comes with new opportunities so take advantage of them and strive for greatness. We don't have to wait until a new year to start change. We can make up our minds to change TODAY! It is up to us.

Pick up your feet

Often times we get so worked up over minor things for whatever reason... & all of that worked up energy doesn't even fix the situation but rather steals our peace & happiness for the moment... *Lets stop tripping over rocks. Pick up your feet.   -Grace H

Oh the Weekend!!

    Many people live life for the weekend. Everyday of the week is just a countdown to Friday... I used to do the same thing until I realized that by doing that I am not cherishing Mon-Thurs and I'm wasting all of that time away. So I've decided to no longer live for the... Continue Reading →

Because False Advertisement Just Isn’t Okay.

 So check it out:Some people want a perfect relationship. If anyone tells you that it can happen right now they have provided you with False Advertisement!! See, individually you are already a sinner, complicated and unique. So in a relationship there will be frustrations, misunderstandings, hurts, disappointments, etc. (Not saying that imperfect can't be beautiful because clearly... Continue Reading →

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