Focus on Becoming

  So often we get caught up in where we are currently. Whether that's a struggle/sin, or a joyous season of life. Don't get me wrong, it is wise to evaluate our current state to see what we can learn from the situation and also to simply enjoy where God has us. But if we... Continue Reading →


One Lovely Blog Award

  Thank you to for nominating me for the  ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.    REQUIREMENTS:  - Thank and link person(s) who nominated you. - List rules and display the award. - Share 7 facts about yourself. - Nominate 7 Bloggers & comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.  ... Continue Reading →

Pick up your feet

Often times we get so worked up over minor things for whatever reason... & all of that worked up energy doesn't even fix the situation but rather steals our peace & happiness for the moment... *Lets stop tripping over rocks. Pick up your feet.   -Grace H

Liebster my Life

  You guys are awesome!! If no one else has told you that today I'm telling you right now and I mean it with every once of my being! Awesome Awesome Awesome!! It's an honor to receive FIVE nominations for this award. Geesh, you all have put me in a position to exercise my humility in not... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me ((Game))

My friend Diana tagged me in a game so I figured that I would participate and answer these random questions about myself. BE YE WARNED that most of my responses are generic and boring. ANNNDD it's long. BUT I won't be posting many long blogs so rest easy &be encouraged my Padawans. Read at your... Continue Reading →

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Why Blog? Why Now? I'm glad you asked!I'm going to make this short and sweet because this is wordpress for goodness sake. There are a megabazillion blogs to read and not enough hours in a day to get through them all. Why I chose to start blogging:1. I LOVE talking and writing2. I LOVE Jesus Christ and... Continue Reading →

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