A Room with a View

7 Apr

Writing 101- Day 2

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Ok, so first of all let me put in my request that I be transported by the ‘USS Enterprise’ with Spock!…

You may be wondering: Where in the world are they going??


Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

Let me just say that if you actually sung that line rather than read it; you are a boss and I’d like to personally invite you on this journey in the Enterprise to WILLY WONKA’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!

I’m not talking about the 1971 factory… I mean the 2005 situation!

Adorable dancing &singing Oompa-Loompas, a river of chocolate, edible grass, plants and everything else… An elevator that is practically a roller coaster with no seat belts… Whhhhaaa?!?! AND to top it off the personal tour is given by Willy Wonka himself (represented by Johnny Depp)…

‘Beam me up Scotty!’



April Swag

1 Apr

Happy April to you!

Bring on the warmer weather, loud music with windows rolled down, random ice cream trips before dinner and lengthy neighborhood walks for no apparent reason!! :-*



May your April 2015 be filled with much SWAG!!



11 Jul


Natural Hair Update

13 Aug

Dec14 vs Aug15

Both pictures on the left are December 2014 and the pictures to the right are August 2015.

The only supplement that I take is Biotin 10,000mg (not consistently right now).

As you are growing out your hair always remember that HEALTH is what matters! Enjoy the journey and embrace the natural hairstyles that fit your personality- no need to kill yourself trying to make your hair look like everyone else’s. Be UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL in your special way.

The Benefit of Brevity

3 Aug


Brevity reminds us of the importance of making the most of each situation rather than simply complaining… ‘Making the most’ of each situation isn’t narrowed to you falsely celebrating rough times and acting as if you have no pain; rather it would require a posture of thankfulness in the midst of those rough times, knowing the benefits that can come from the storms of life.

Oh, the Journey

20 Apr

Journey- the act of traveling from one place to another


The emotions that surface when we hear this word are often times contingent upon the destination and the context.

For example when most people plan a trip to the BEACH they may not dread the journey so must because the journey is normally fun and most of us basically know what to expect on the journey and what to expect when we arrive. One may envision a road trip with friends filled with stupid jokes and priceless memories or they may envision taking an airplane with little to no flight delays…  Therefore this is a journey that most of us would volunteer to take- five times a year.

But when it comes to life situations we often don’t appreciate the journey. We view the journey as an enemy rather than an ally. Perhaps because of the growing pains that it brings, because we don’t know how long the journey will last or maybe even because the journey is the means that we must take to arrive to our ultimate destination rather than simply ‘arriving’. Many times people just want to get to the end ASAP, so they rush through situations and end up in chaos- discombobulated and disfigured. We get it twisted and see the journey as an hindrance rather than a helper- guarding us from our destination like a Stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire


How is the journey a helper?

My answer is simple: I DON’T KNOW! Hahaha. I bet you thought I had some philosophical ‘fit-it-all’ response- NoPe.

I’m one of the people who dreads the journey, so it is a process for me to learn to appreciate ‘Life’s Journeys’. As I’ve lived, I have seen the benefit of the travel. If I would have skipped the journeys and just arrived at my destination I would hardly be equipped for the ‘stay’. <<— well, there’s one benefit (teaching &preparing). *wink*

Even on challenging trips there is an abundance of beauty:

*learning more about yourself

*cherishing the friends that were there with you along the way

*getting rid of character weights that aren’t boosting you to success

There is beauty in every journey and I’m currently on a journey to explore it.


Feel free to comment below and share the benefits that you’ve discovered about The Journeys of Life!!  🙂

Give & Take

16 Apr

Writing 101- Day 7 Give and Take

Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two people, objects, emotions, places or something else.

Those darn introverted brains


“Well, it has been almost a week since I’ve really talked to my friends. Guess I should text them to see how life’s going.”

“Ehhh… Maybe not. It won’t be a quick conversation and I don’t feel like talking anymore today. I’ll see them in like 5 days anyways. That’s basically tomorrow, so yeah, I’ll just wait.”

“It’s such a pretty day. I should text _____ to see if they want to hang out and get something to eat.”

“Ehhh… But I really should finish my book. Oh, and I just added that new movie to my list on Netflix. Plus we still have leftover pizza in the fridge. I should save money… Guess it’s Pizza, Netflix and Party on the couch!!! *insert dance*”

“Aye! Turn up! I’m hanging out with my ladies tomorrow evening.”

“… …I don’t really feel like getting dressed up though. Or putting on pants. Or getting off of the couch… &people will be there!!… I’m sleepy? I’m sick? Is it okay to just not wanna go? Does that make me a horrible friend? Maybe they’ll cancel.”




A Character- Building Experience

13 Apr

Writing 101- Day 6

“Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met this year?”

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