Focus on Becoming

to become


So often we get caught up in where we are currently. Whether that’s a struggle/sin, or a joyous season of life.

Don’t get me wrong, it is wise to evaluate our current state to see what we can learn from the situation and also to simply enjoy where God has us. But if we get stuck here we won’t be prone to move forward.

Life is about cherishing moments but also about moving forward and growing. Life is a journey!


We all have dreams and aspirations that we desire to reach before our time comes. We all see characteristic traits in others that we desire for ourselves. We’ll never get there by remaining what we are… We have to push and constantly move forward.



Ask yourself:

1. Where am I?

2. Where do I want to be?

3. How do I get there?

4. Where do I start?


Keep moving forward as you cherish each moment and season in your life.


Thoughts -> Words -> Actions -> Habits -> Lifestyle -> Character



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