Embrace YOUR Uniqueness

Variety… When we go to grocery stores and department stores we love variety. Options make life fun, interesting and exciting. Humans love variety. We love trying new things in order to see life from a new perspective or just to try something new. Variety can be a positive thing. I would not want to shop at a store that one had one style of shirts and one style of pants. How boring, right??

People are the same way. We are diverse and different in more ways than one. But somehow we do not always enjoy variety when it comes to humans. Most people prefer to befriend those are like them and have the same mentality. We experience discrimination and judgment which go deeper than skin color…

Embrace This is a powerful word! It means to hold close with arms; it is an expression of affection; eager acceptance; an enclosure or encirclement. We should eagerly accept the differences of others and more than that we should eagerly embrace OURSELVES.

Who are you? Not in comparison to the world but when you are home and it is just you… who are you? What three words would you use to describe you? Too often we define ourselves in terms of society and their standards. Whose opinions should matter more to us; our Creator’s opinion or the opinion of other creations who are just like us? God looks at us and thinks that we are so precious that He sings over us. He delights in us.

You are a workmanship of the Most High God. He made you unique. You are not exactly like the next person. You add diversity to this world!! Embrace your facial features, your silly jokes, your personality and your perspective on life.

Be free in yourself and rejoice with God over you with singing.

Embrace Completely… YOU!


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