Give & Take

Writing 101- Day 7 Give and Take

Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two people, objects, emotions, places or something else.

Those darn introverted brains


“Well, it has been almost a week since I’ve really talked to my friends. Guess I should text them to see how life’s going.”

“Ehhh… Maybe not. It won’t be a quick conversation and I don’t feel like talking anymore today. I’ll see them in like 5 days anyways. That’s basically tomorrow, so yeah, I’ll just wait.”

“It’s such a pretty day. I should text _____ to see if they want to hang out and get something to eat.”

“Ehhh… But I really should finish my book. Oh, and I just added that new movie to my list on Netflix. Plus we still have leftover pizza in the fridge. I should save money… Guess it’s Pizza, Netflix and Party on the couch!!! *insert dance*”

“Aye! Turn up! I’m hanging out with my ladies tomorrow evening.”

“… …I don’t really feel like getting dressed up though. Or putting on pants. Or getting off of the couch… &people will be there!!… I’m sleepy? I’m sick? Is it okay to just not wanna go? Does that make me a horrible friend? Maybe they’ll cancel.”





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  1. Love it! The cartoons are pretty fabulous and your monologues are even better. I’ve waited inside the house for neighbors to go inside before I come out b/c I just don’t feel like talking. And I’m notorious for reading e-mails and saying well I’ll reply when I feel like giving a genuine response…months will pass b/c the more I think about how long it’s taken me the more embarrassed I feel. Lol.

    I also appreciate your take – no pun intended – on this assignment, how you didn’t define that you’re talking about introverts vs. extroverts you just let that be the silent understanding. But also, unless I’ve read too much into this, that often the introvert is their own contrasting element. I can be quite talkative when it comes down to it and yet I often tuck myself away… Well done! 🙂

    1. You are exactly right about all of what you said and specifically on your last point- I did aim to depict the battle of contrast within the mind of an introvert. 😊 Your feedback and insights on my entries are appreciated and intriguing. I’ll respond to the others soon.

  2. Thanks for the spot on cartoons/observations about introverts. Came at the right time for me. After working, (which I got to do at home today) I thought I’d go run errands. Then my introverted self thought the better of that…

    1. LoL. Yes!! I hate when I have to stop reading and my characters aren’t in a good situation. I feel like they are stuck until I can save them by reading on. LoL. I’ll check out your article.

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