A Character- Building Experience

Writing 101- Day 6

“Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met this year?”

Uhhh… That would be Bae!
What can I say about this woman who came into my life like a freckn ninja queen on a mission to spread world peace?
I asked her: if a candy bar could describe you, which would be appropriate? Her response: a Snickers!
Whhhaaa?!! That’s SoOoo appropriate! See, Bae is beautifully sweet but has a nutty (crazy) side that isn’t afraid to put you in check when necessary. When I’m having a bad day and not acting like myself, one convo with Bae brings me back to myself [reference any Snicker’s commercial]… Plus Snicker’s are my favorite candy bar and she ain’t eem know! LoL.
Genuine, caring, intelligent, Serena type of athletic, witty, smart allick, lioness ferocity, a princess gangsta. LoL. What is this woman’s life?
Seriously though, we crossed paths in church where we exchanged nothing more than occasional ‘hello’. Those ‘hellos’ turned into lunch dates, ice cream outings, a million selfies, loving arguments, Valentines Day breakfast and many other random memories.
You haven’t truly experienced life until you have someone who graduates from ‘friend’ to ‘Bae’! That’s the person who literally finishes your sentences, who gets on your nerves, whose house you can just pop up to with no forewarning just to give them snacks, the one who legit calls you out when you are wrong…

Ultimately, Bae will have everyone questioning your sexuality even though both of you are happily married!

Yup, that’s her…

P.S. the prompt asked for physical appearance but we aren’t going there today because I’m not sure how to do that in a non-homosexual way and I don’t want Bae to pass out from awkwardness when she reads this. LoL.



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  1. Sometimes I think physical descriptions are overrated though I do like when authors place them strategically, like being seen through the eyes of another character. That said your description followed by your enthusiasm makes me feel excited about Bae. However what has happens here is that I get how you feel about Bae and that winds up reading more like what it is, a description of your friend not quite as much of a character study. I think with a little bit more in depth description of Bae ‘standing alone’ if you will coupled with your very personal feelings you’d have a more balanced view. ๐Ÿ˜€ But love the enthusiasm and your brevity again.

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