Alone Time



There are so many benefits and so much beauty in learning to like ourselves and  having alone time.

So often we feel the need to constantly be surrounded by others or just on social media to see what everyone else is doing (or to be entertained). This constant need for noise and interaction and entertainment can hinder us from learning about ourselves.

When we spend time alone we are able to hear our innermost thoughts, to clear anxieties, to do self reflections and just enjoy our own company.

There’s no question that I learn about myself through my interactions with others (like that I’m naturally caring) but there are some things deep within my being that may not be brought to the surface and illuminated through social interactions. I have many areas that I’m in denial about- I can only discover those areas and speak truth to them during my quiet times alone.


Further than that, how can I expect and assume that other want to be around me when I can’t and won’t even spend time alone with myself. It can be fulfilling and refreshing. 🙂


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