Cherish the Moments




This picture says soOo much! I’m the type of person who will dance with anyone anywhere (not twerking or ratchetness) but I’m a dancer. I love dance. On Labor Day I went to participate in the ‘Hike, Bike &Paddle’ event in my city. The Cupid Shuffle came on so I stopped and got ready to do it by my lonesome in the middle of a walkway. LoL. (That’s just what I do).While I was counting so that I could start dancing on beat, this gorgeous lady love stopped as she was walking past me and starting doing the Cupid Shuffle with me. !!!!

How amazing! That was definitely a highlight for me… To forget about racial, cultural and age differences and just DANCE together while people walked by and looked at us. These are the moments that I cherish. She also had her daughter with her who got up and joined us then one of my deuces (lady friend/ sister in Christ) joined in as well.

This is me. This is part of who I am… I dance with people that I don’t know. I dance by myself at random moments and I try to make each moment count.


“I’m awkward and a tad nerdy but I can swag with the rest of em.” -aMarie


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