August 2014 Hair


Hey friends!

Here is my August 2014 hair (hopefully it stays up all month).

I got this style done recently while in TX visiting family (my cousin puts in werrrk). So the sides are my natural hair braided and the middle has weave added into long twists. The hair comes down to my waist but for now I am keeping it pinned into a bun.

I’m so terrified that my twists are going to unravel. Yes, I boiled them but the little boogers don’t seem secure! So I’m taking control with this bun.

The style is actually a mohawk but you can’t tell. It’s sorta like a secret! LoL. I‘m obsessed with versatility and diversity. So right now you see the good girl bun, but next week you may get the bad girl mohawk. Maybe a high bun, one long Pocahontas braid… …. … You won’t know until it hits ya!

So check back to see what styles I’ll pull off next!



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