One Lovely Blog Award



Thank you to for nominating me for the  ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.


– Thank and link person(s) who nominated you.
– List rules and display the award.
– Share 7 facts about yourself.
– Nominate 7 Bloggers & comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.


1. I am a Christian. I love Jesus Christ and I am boldly Unashamed. 🙂

 2. I eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast. LoL. I enjoy the variety of flavors that I can add: blueberries, syrup, honey, cinnamon, brown sugar, etc.

3. I do NOT like fried chicken. I only eat it if there’s no other option.

4. I have random dance sessions on a daily basis. In the car, at work, in the living room, kitchen… basically anywhere.

 5. I’m a movie fanatic.

 6. So thankful to whomever came up with the TAGLESS idea with clothing. Tags are itchy!

7. I’m a sockless sleeper. My feet deserve to rest in freedom.


Ok, enough about me… My nominees are as follows:


So now it’s you turn ladies…



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