Christian Women


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  1. tender: Lord help me remain in you for you are the one that keeps me tender in this coarse world.
    kind: Lord keep me kind because much of the time I want to do my own thing. refined: Lord keep me refined and different.
    faith: Lord keep me grace to walk by faith daily.
    goodness: Give me the power to do good that would please God and not live to please men.
    virtue: Lord let your power flow through me daily and through mine consciously and unconsciously
    purity: Keep my thoughts clear of evil, purify my spirit, soul and body. Purify the spirit, soul and body of my family today in Jesus name, amen.

    Lord, make me a woman who pleases you always in Jesus name, amen.

  2. As I have gotten older I have realized that there are many of these qualities that I prefer. Women have to be tough and sometimes coarse, but are able to show tenderness and kindness as well. I know I have to be tough as a woman sometimes, but enjoy the times I can display tenderness more.

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