Curl Confessions



I was tagged to participate in Curl Confessions.

This is how it works: I confess 10 things I do, have done, thought of doing that are against the “rules” or considered taboo in the natural hair community. To continue the cycle, you also tag 5 natural hair bloggers. Here we go!


1. I kept my hair pressed out 90% of the time during the10 months that I was transitioning to natural.


2. I did my ‘Big Chop’ Feb 13, 2014 and have not trimmed my hair yet.


3. I have thought about cutting off all of my hair to get more defined curls. WAIT, maybe this is just one of my personal ‘no no rules.’


4. I thought about getting a perm one day! But I stood strong.


5. I have thought about dying my hair but haven’t because most naturals regret it.


6. I don’t think I have a TWA but I don’t like the length of my fro… Death to shrinkage and slow growth.


7. I don’t plan to wear my curls forever. I plan to keep it straightened once it gets longer. But if my curls are really popping I’d consider rockin curls forever! LoL.


8. I don’t drink as much water as I should.


9. I don’t have a set regime; however I am organized in what I do.


10. I am not a fan of twist outs/ braids outs or any kind of ‘outs’ on my hair. Well, with the exception of finger coil outs. That’s about it.


Thank you in advance for participating ladies!




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