5-30-2014 Hair

5-30-2014 Hair

Still on my ‘No Heat Challenge’. Today marks 40days!! Go me!! It’s definitely a challenge because I LOVE my hair pressed out but I shall continue to sacrifice for the sake of my curl pattern.

Treluxe Leave In Conditioner





The Process:

Last night I washed my hair and used my Treluxe Leave in. I did about 10 braids and put rollers at the end. This morning I took the rollers and braids out and fingered through my hair at the roots (not to the ends so that I wouldn’t encourage them separate completely and fizz). put oil in my hair and left out. 🙂


4 thoughts on “5-30-2014 Hair

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  1. rock those curls girl!!! I was a heat head too lol I had to get my last flat iron when i cut my hair lol so sad! if you can check out my blog!

    1. Yea. I almost switched from being addicted to the creamy crack to being addicted to the heat. But I’m so determined to get rid of the little heat damage that I have so that my curls will *pop* more. 🙂 Going to your page now.

      1. its a struggle but your natural state is going to make you fall in love and forget about the flat hair lol 🙂

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