Balance is key

Transparency… I am a sinner saved by grace and thus I have no reason to fear transparency.


I’m so hard on myself. I am my biggest critic and also my biggest encourager… But when I do this myself there’s no room for anyone else to speak into my life.






This leads to me feeling as if I don’t need anyone else to provide criticism (constructive or not), and when they do I get offended. The truth hurts! So after I’ve already yelled at me if someone else reiterates that same issue that I’m already being convicted about I begin to slip in condemnation and despair.

I don’t rely on others to encourage me because they may not encourage when I feel that need it or in a way that I want it. OR they may be completely off with their opinion of the situation.








At the end of the day I must remember that:


“By pride comes nothing but strife, but with the well-advised is wisdom.” –Proverbs 13:10


I NEED community. I NEED my friends and family to speak in my life. I NEED to stop thinking that I can handle life on my own.


Change! How? Where to start? What does this look like?


Encouraging myself and giving myself constructive criticism is not wrong but BALANCE is key. If I am doing it so much that is leading to pride and independence from Christ and the body of Christ then I have fallen into sin and it is time for reevaluation.




If you can relate I welcome you to share your thoughts on this.


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  1. I too am struggling and I also am thinking that I must do everything on my own. Certain events in my life have led me to think and act this way but I also know I do need friends, family, and some help in my life. Like you are describing so beautifully here, I need to change some things and I mean big changes but I am confused on how do initiate the changes I need. Also I too need to find the right balance between being independent and accepting/allowing help to come into my life.Your post is very, very timely for me. Thank you for sharing it and for sharing such a sensitive piece of yourself.

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