Late Night Self-Bashing

Late Night Self-Bashing

Why do I allow my brain to win? I find myself listening to my sinful thoughts WAAAAYY too much when I actually need to be talking to myself.
When I listen to myself it normally results in discouragement, regret & plain ‘ol icky-ness (yea I said icky-ness.)
It sounds like this: “OMG, do you remember when you said that you would do better with you speech and your attitude and your negative thoughts, etc? You are failing Mrs. Holden! You’ll never change. You’ve been struggling with this sin for a long time. God is fed up with you so why even pray. Oh wait, haha. I remember when you did _______. LoL. That was so stupid. Why did you even do that?…. It was kinda fuN though, right?….”
And those crazy thoughts persist.

This needs to STOP!!

More talking needs to happen… Talking that sounds like this:
“Grace, you messed up again. Smh. This has to stop! This will stop because God is faithful even when you’re not. God promised that He would continue sanctifying you and changing you until the end. Stop trying to depend on yourself to change yourself because you will always fail. ALWAYS! Go to God and pray because it’s only by His Holy Spirit that you can walk out this Christian lifestyle. God is slow to anger and He wants you to change more than you want it for yourself. Stop putting yourself down, and judging yourself. Stop letting Satan and your sin stomp your face into the ground!! Stand up, wage war against your sinful flesh, wage war against Satan’s schemes through prayer, allow God’s word to transform you and walk in victory!!!”

To everyone who listens to themselves rather than talking:
I urge you start talking to yourself. Trust God and read your word so that you will know what He says about you. And so that you’ll know His true character rather than your own made up version of who/how you think God is.



5 thoughts on “Late Night Self-Bashing

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  1. Awesome Grace! Jesus had all of the shame and guilt nailed to the cross with him with He died for you and me! Just remember when shame and guilt pop into the internal dialogue it’s a way for Satan to try and bring you down – which in my case always means I’m close to my Beloved and Satan is trying to distract or isolate me from Him.

    God is good! And it sounds like He had a nice gentle whisper that your heart so beautifully responded to.

  2. Whoa! Did I need this! Thank you for blogging about this topic, it was very much needed. I’m so guilty of this to the point where sometimes I let those bad talks run my life. You speak the truth my sister! ❤

  3. Love this post! I like how you mention that God wants change for you, even more than you want it for yourself. Just what i needed today!

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