After so much chaos this week I finally prayed this prayer this morning and it was so refreshing. It is always beneficial for us to focus on the positive and to be thankful for what God has given us.

Still on my 'No Heat Challenge'. Today marks 40days!! Go me!! It's definitely a challenge because I LOVE my hair pressed out but I shall continue to sacrifice for the sake of my curl pattern. Products: Treluxe Leave In Conditioner Oil Water     The Process: Last night I washed my hair and used my... Continue Reading →

Balance is key

Transparency... I am a sinner saved by grace and thus I have no reason to fear transparency.   I’m so hard on myself. I am my biggest critic and also my biggest encourager... But when I do this myself there’s no room for anyone else to speak into my life.   Independence.   Pride.  ... Continue Reading →

Today's puff! I absolutely loVe natural hair puffs because they are quick, easy and cuTe!! Especially if I don't have time to try out a new style.   I don't use many fancy products. Mainly grease, water and edge control. I do have a few products that enhance&moisturize my curls that have shea butter and... Continue Reading →

Why do I allow my brain to win? I find myself listening to my sinful thoughts WAAAAYY too much when I actually need to be talking to myself. When I listen to myself it normally results in discouragement, regret & plain 'ol icky-ness (yea I said icky-ness.) It sounds like this: "OMG, do you remember... Continue Reading →

This week has been a challenging one to say the least. So many crazy mountains and hurdles have come out of nowhere. Normally I'm the person who helps those around me with errands, encouragement, prayer, etc but this week the tables were turned. It was truly humbling to be in situations where I had to... Continue Reading →

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