Because False Advertisement Just Isn’t Okay.



So check it out:

Some people want a perfect relationship. If anyone tells you that it can happen right now they have provided you with False Advertisement!! See, individually you are already a sinner, complicated and unique. So in a relationship there will be frustrations, misunderstandings, hurts, disappointments, etc. (Not saying that imperfect can’t be beautiful because clearly we are all imperfectly beautiful.)

The goal in relationships should be to glorify God and as you seek Him individually (since Christianity is all about a personal relationship with Christ) by reading the Bible, gaining wisdom from wise people around you, praying, etc, you will grow in a personal way and your relationship will grow as well. *Strive for improvement*… Your relationship will be imperfectly beautiful like you and the actual perfection will happen when Christ returns… … … …


Okay, so looking at current improvements that we have the potential to make right now:


They show me this perfect burger in the commercials that makes me want it but when I get home and unravel the paper I see a #BurgerFail . This False Advertisement just isn’t okay so let’s *Strive for improvement*

All that I request of restaurants is that when I order a burger just make it as if it’s about to be in a commercial… & please stop ‘man handling’ my lettuce and tomatoes! They have committed no crime.


I make a motion that we stop False Advertising Relationships and Burgers…






5 thoughts on “Because False Advertisement Just Isn’t Okay.

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  1. Hahaha.. What a passion for hamburgers. Its not only in the commercials. Sometimes I see images inside the food retail store. It says big and is quite small. Its become more like online dating..:P

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