The Joker


This morning I’m watching the Old School Batman. I know that both Jokers are different in terms of personality, movie expectations within the year that they were made, etc. But for the sake of this post: which Joker was your favorite and why?

I like both but Heath caught more of my attention. I liked the fact that he basically worked alone and put people in situations to where they were choosing whether or not to fight one another. He used much logic. And the ruthless craziness was definitely an intimidation. I did appreciated Jack Nicholson being more on the silly villian side compared to Heath Ledger’s crazy and ruthless villain side. I also enjoyed the nifty gadgets that Jack’s Joker used.


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  1. Ew, It’s A Tough One!!!! I agree the two are different. And actually had the discussion last night about the James Bonds hhahhha 🙂 Heath we all can agree took The Joker to another level which was evil. I enjoyed the Dark Batman, but The Joker from the comics + cartoons gets my vote. Jack was type cast as crazy already and I didn’t see it. The use of gadgets, humor, and mystery in the cartoon Joker added fun + use of imagination and I guess seeing The Joker that evil left an impression. So goal achieved, but too graphic, though I loved it … just would have liked to have seen smiling gas and gooey slime and that environment and platform for that super villain whose supposed to have comedic weapons + talk. Times have gotten darker and Heath (R.I.P.) was genius making his mouth to look slit up with a tail end story behind it, dressing up as the sinister nurse, depicting himself as a lose canon and asking the question “Why So Serious?” He was Amazing, but I loved the cartoon version best Hehehhehe I guess it isn’t as violent to me. Not easy to convert a cartoon and comic into reality.

  2. For me, it’s a little like the question of whether Sean Connery or Roger Moore made the better James Bond. Moore had better storylines to work with and generally captured the humorous-one-liner aspect of Bond, but you never really got the impression he’s shoot someone who needed it without a qualm of conscience like you did some of the others who played the role.
    In a similar way, Jack Nicholson captured the bizarre random craziness and jokiness of Joker, but Heath Ledger certainly had the ruthlessness down, and was a lot darker. His Joker would literally do anything.
    As not a great fan of “dark” per se, I’d probably opt for Nicholson’s Joker. Unless out of pure retro spite I went for Cesar Romero. 😉

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