Get To Know Me ((Game))

My friend Diana tagged me in a game so I figured that I would participate and answer these random questions about myself. BE YE WARNED that most of my responses are generic and boring. ANNNDD it’s long. BUT I won’t be posting many long blogs so rest easy &be encouraged my Padawans. Read at your own risk. LoL.


Pause… Are you following me on Insta?? If not, you should.


Are you named after someone

Nope. Not at all.


When was the last time you cried

This morning. I cried internally yesterday but today it finally came out. I bet you’re wondering why. To sum it up I was crying over my sin. It affects others and I don’t enjoy hurting those that I love.


Do you have kiddos

I have one 7 yrs old son whom I call Prince Hezi. Ugh! He’s so precious & energetic!!

& I can’t forget about the abundance of kiddos that I have through close friends and my twinable niece and nephew, M&M.


If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself

It depends on what type of person that my ‘another person’ was. This question is a little bias since I’m answering about myself. If you want to know if I’m a good friend then just ask around. That would produce more accurate results.


Do you have a guilty pleasure

Not that I can think of… Well, wait. I do eat oatmeal EVERY SINGLE morning for breakfast which is uber healthy. Until I add a 5 cups of sugar, a gallon of maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon and a few spoonfuls of butter. LoL. Yes I’m guilty & it’s definitely my pleasure.


Do you like your handwriting

It’s okay. I have no complaints about it.


Whats your favorite cereal

Frosted Flakes!! Best… Cereal… Ever!!!!


What is the first thing you notice about people

Their hair.


What is your eye color

Hazel but they change colors depending on my mood and the color of my shirt. Yes, I am completely African American with hazel eyes.


Scary movie or happy endings

Neither one. I don’t watch scary movies &Hollywood happy endings are so cliché. I like realistic ending movies. August Osage County, Hancock, Big Fish, Gladiator, Columbiana, etc.


Favorite show

CSI, Law & Order and The Voice (nothing more, nothing less)


Summer or winter

Ummm Fall.


Hugs or kisses

Hugs because I prefer not to taste my husband’s grippo flavored lips.

Dear Grippos, I am NOT a fan. Sincerely, Grace.


What’s the farthest you’ve been from home

Haiti on a mission trip. It was uhh-MaZiiNg!!


Do you have any special talents

Talent… Hmmm… does painting my nails and not smudging them while they are drying count?… If so, then no. I have no special talents.


Where were you born

In a hospital.


What are your hobbies

READING, watching movies (mainly movie series, Rocky Balboa, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, John Depp movies, etc). PLAYING INJUSTICE!! I crotchet sometimes but not often because of my lack of down time right now.


Do you have any pets



Favorite movie

There are many. Batman, Harry Potter, Avengers, Brown Sugar, Columbiana, Family Stone, Pirates of the Caribbean, Salt, Star Wars…


What color is your car

Red! Barcelona Red to be exact.


What do you want to be when you grow up

I am a grown up now. I love what I do: Ambassador for Christ, wife, mother, working in Accounting and Quality Improvement.


Answer these questions then tag whomever you’d like.

Ladies, It’s your turn!!


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  1. Im not use to seeing my name on wordpress, everyone usually calls me mommyx4 or just mommy, I think there has only been like 2 other people that called me diana. Lol I liked Hancock and gladiator to.

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