Bonjour to all of my new followers


Bonjour! Shoutout to all of my new followers. You all have been such an encouragement to me already. So many times I have considered ending this blog but God keeps bringing me back to it. A few weeks ago I chose complete obedience & started putting more time into this blog, then I signed up for Blogger 101 U. I must say that this week of blogging has been my best week thus far. I hope it only gets better from here.
I plan to give you all a balance of geekery, naturalistaness and encouragement while keeping Christ at the center. See, Christ can’t be separated from a Christian anymore than webs can be seperated from Spiderman. Unless you tape his wrists but the webery will still be there (just not coming out)…
ANYWAYS, thank you all. Merci beaucoup! Keep reading & check out some of my older blogs as well.

Oh & don’t forget about Insta!!


10 thoughts on “Bonjour to all of my new followers

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  1. So positive, so cool. We all probably would have given up if we didn’t find friends so thank you too for the encouragement. I heart Spiderman too and your hair diary. Isn’t hair such a topic these days?! lol So much to keep up with: hair, blogging, everything else in life … I’m trying. Oh and it drizzled yesterday as I was writing you back under the sun and had to get under cover fast … wanted to say Thanks for the Reply and everyone’s Follow button isn’t the same 🙂

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