A Penny for Your Thoughts

Why Blog? Why Now? 

I’m glad you asked!

I’m going to make this short and sweet because this is wordpress for goodness sake. There are a megabazillion blogs to read and not enough hours in a day to get through them all.


Why I chose to start blogging:

1. I LOVE talking and writing

2. I LOVE Jesus Christ and I will spread the Gospel through every avenue possible

3. I LOVE reading. So reading the megabazillion thoughts that people have throughout the day on their blog is freckin awesome!

4. & lastly because this is life and life is short. So live it up and do the first that comes to your mind… Well, except take my wallet or push down an old lady.


8 thoughts on “A Penny for Your Thoughts

Add yours

  1. I love this post. It’s concise and to the point. We all have something to say and blogging is a great avenue to get it out there. Excited to see where your blogging journey will take you =) Blessings.

  2. spreading Jesus through every avenue…that’s cool. not being ashamed of the gospel…something that is getting rare in these times where self is being celebrated..

  3. I´m a beliver in some kind of God but more like the indians Watantanka.and to be totally honest, I think all religions is the same we have just choose diffrent name of the Source, The creator or God if you want to call it that. I´m going to read your blog so I could compare with my belives. It will be really exciting!

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