Alas! My big chop happened on 2/13/14 after 10.5 months of transitioning. Well maybe it was a little chop because I didn’t have a twa. & since it wasn’t recent maybe I should throw in a hashtag TBT… wait for it… wait for it… #tbt (whoop there it is).


Many women are “going natural”. But why? Some people that it’s a fad/trend. Some think that it has something to do with feminism.

Funny thing is that I never read that deep into going natural. I went natural because I like versatility and because perms are flat out expensive! They were killing my pockets and they weren’t helping the health of my hair. On top of that I was only getting perms every 4th month so in between perms I had my hair pressed out and it looked just fine to me so why not stop adding crazy chemicals and save money at the same time. #BoomDone {my last perm was at the end of March 2013.}


My press outs look fabulous in my natural state. Check it out:



I absolutely loVe my natural hair.  I look forward to sharing many more stories about my Natural Hair Journey.


7 thoughts on “The start of my Natural Hair Journey

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  1. I stopped relaxing my hair a few years ago, it wasn’t helping my hair at all. I usually wear my hair in protective styles e.g a weave. I’ve never been brave enough to go out with it other than in a bun. Your hair looks good, good luck on your healthy hair journey!

  2. Hope your natural hair goes good. I started going since last year. My hair still looks same but it’s growing. It takes time grow back. Am hoping more African women start doing this.

      1. I had started going natural since March 2013 before my trip to Nigeria. I started doing braids in my hair to help grow and tired not wash my everyday so I just do it every two weeks after it was style.

      2. It looks nice (from your profile picture). I have braids right now but I’m taking them out today.
        What are your favorite type of braids?

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