Embrace Diversity– starting within yourself



Insecurity is defined as uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

We all have experienced insecurities at some point in our lives. But why? The fear of not be accepted or fitting in? The desire to be liked by everyone that we meet? The fact that we indeed are on a path of self discovery and are still confused about our identity? Why the insecurities?


The answers vary from person to person but the encouragement for all is the same: BE UNIQUELY YOU! God has created us all differently and we can serve God and enjoy life within our diversity. There’s no need to clone your style, personality, etc to be like someone else’s because if we were all the same the world would be pretty boring. Diversity is a thing to be grasped. I encourage you (and myself) to discover your interests, explore your desires and embrace them. Because at the end of the day we live and worship in an audience of ONE which is God and also because people will love the uniqueness that you bring to this world whether they realize it or not.


Some random facts about me:

-I am a Christian –I absolutely love Jesus Christ! He’s my everything

-I love reading… &writing

-I’m a nerdy girl in the aspect of loving everything Marvel & DC Comics. Oh &Harry Potter. I can talk about movies all day.

-Even though I have many friends I’m a pretty solo person when it comes to many things & I love it.

-I love hard (if that makes any sense at all. LoL)

-I have a weird sense of humor. 


3 thoughts on “Embrace Diversity– starting within yourself

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  1. sound advice: be you. sometimes it is hard, especially when we find out that we are different from the things that are trending…and in those moments, we forget that the trend is just that, a trend! it is temporal and soon something else will take its place. if we have changed with it then we would have to change again…and again.

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