Clothes… Sometimes used to cover up pain that going on internally, sometimes used to enhance beauty, sometimes used to define a person…


Clothes are merely an accessory for me. Most outfits give me life right now because I am more confident in who I am.


Since I am tall (5’9) and small (apprx 115lb) I’ve heard many skinny jokes like:

“You look like a sideways pencil.”

“Don’t let the wind blow you away.” –wait, this was actually good advice on windy days.

“I can see your heart beat through your shirt.”

“You are all skin &bones.”

“Here, eat some steak.”

“You must wear a size 0!!”


Those are just a few. There are MANY more. And while they are partially comical when you read them, they aren’t too funny when they are directed at you personally by a slew of different people… on a consistent basis.


I used to wear my clothes a size too big so that I would appear bigger than I actually was but this was an epic FAIL. Who would’ve thought that bigger clothes would actually make me look smaller. LoL. (my plan backfired). Anyways, I’ve always been an “internal focused” person. I’ve always desired for people to get to know my personality and my thoughts rather than just admire me for and classify me by my looks. I’m more than a light skinned skinny black girl with hazel eyes. I have a personality, I have interests, etc. My internal beauty should always be more attractive than my external. I cling to Christ for this because only He can renew my mind, give me a new heart and change my life in such a way that my internal beauty glows beyond what the mere eye can see.


Now, I wear clothes that actually fit me. 😉 I have embraced my size (not a size 0 by the way) and I am more confident than I have ever been because God made me beautiful and unique. Give me jeans, a skirt, cowboy boots, a dress, or even overalls and I’ll rocK that outfit like no other!



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