My Natural Hair Journey Part1

I figure that it would only be fitting for me to give a glimpse of my natural hair journey before I continue on. So the rest of this week I’ll be highlighting the different transitions. I’ve had a perm ever since I was old enough to get one. It seemed like no matter what I did... Continue Reading →


Because False Advertisement Just Isn’t Okay.

 So check it out:Some people want a perfect relationship. If anyone tells you that it can happen right now they have provided you with False Advertisement!! See, individually you are already a sinner, complicated and unique. So in a relationship there will be frustrations, misunderstandings, hurts, disappointments, etc. (Not saying that imperfect can't be beautiful because clearly... Continue Reading →

Liebster my Life

  You guys are awesome!! If no one else has told you that today I'm telling you right now and I mean it with every once of my being! Awesome Awesome Awesome!! It's an honor to receive FIVE nominations for this award. Geesh, you all have put me in a position to exercise my humility in not... Continue Reading →

No duty is more…

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. -James AllenThank you to the 5 people who have nominated me for the Liebster Award! I apologize for the late response on these but I'll be answering everyone's questions and hopefully posting my responses today. Be sure that you are ready to read because it'll... Continue Reading →

The Joker

This morning I'm watching the Old School Batman. I know that both Jokers are different in terms of personality, movie expectations within the year that they were made, etc. But for the sake of this post: which Joker was your favorite and why? I like both but Heath caught more of my attention. I liked... Continue Reading →

Finally combed my hair out into an afro. I normally wear my hair in a puff or pressed out but today is a new day so I figured that I would try something different. I am truly enjoying my natural hair!!

Get To Know Me ((Game))

My friend Diana tagged me in a game so I figured that I would participate and answer these random questions about myself. BE YE WARNED that most of my responses are generic and boring. ANNNDD it's long. BUT I won't be posting many long blogs so rest easy &be encouraged my Padawans. Read at your... Continue Reading →

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