3/24/2014 Trust God during the storms of life


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with 
thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” –Philippians 4:6
Anxious-worried, nervous, uneasy, fearful, etc
Supplication-plea, request

TRUTH: There may be a storm in your live that you are patiently waiting to get through. There may be a situation that has come up and you aren’t sure how you will make it through. This verse tells us not to be anxious about those things. Worry/anxiousness never fixes the problem itself; it just weighs you down and makes the situation more challenging to bear. As humans we tend to get anxious about situations that we can’t control such as sickness with family members, a job that we’ve applied for, the husband that we desire, the money that we need in order to pay off a bill, etc. Those are the very things that we must pray about and leave in God’s hands because only He can work it out. Go to Him in prayer asking for Him to take these worries from you and to work them out according to His will. This verse also says to pray with thanksgiving. Why?
Because we know that God is faithful to hear us and answer our prayers. I’m sure that you can think back when a family member was sick or money was low and you
prayed asking for God to help then He worked out the situation. He healed that
person and provided you with unexpected funds. We know that God is all powerful
and in complete control. If He has answered you before He will answer you again.
So thank Him in advance for that.

SELF REFLECTION: Do you tend to worry about every situation and not pray?

ACTION: If there is a tough situation in your life that you have been anxious about repent for not trusting God to work out the situation. Then pray to God about it with thanksgiving. Ask Him to take that burden from you then trust that He will see  you through the situation.


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