I really wanted to wait until Monday to shout it out but God is too good for me to keep quiet!

If I tell the story I have to start from the beginning so you can go ahead and take your shoes off for this one.

This is my testimony::

In order to get to the Holden Goal we have to start working toward it. So at the end of September I got a temp job at Maryhurst while I looked for my career, which I was hoping would be with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I had been applying for every single open position at Seminary (no lie). But as I was applying for jobs I was pouring my heart out to God in prayer, which sounded like this:: <i>“Abba, I’m not sure where You would have me start my career. I would love to be somewhere that would pour into me spiritually and help me to grow in You, like Seminary. But I also want to work for a company that will allow me to pour into others who don’t know Jesus Christ. I prefer not to work in a place where I can’t freely talk about You, God because this is my calling. Please lead me and guide me. Not my will, but Your will be done. Amen.”</i>

Of course I wanted to work for Maryhurst permanently but with their budget, no office openings, etc that door was shut and locked… So I kept looking and applying and interviewing. Well, when my supervisor found out that I had been interviewing for jobs she said: “Please don’t take any other job until we at least have the opportunity to offer you a position here. We are trying to create a position for you because we love your work ethic and we want you to stay.”

WoW. Pause and #BragOnMyLord !!

Of course I wasn’t ecstatic about starting this job through a temporary agency but if I didn’t obey God and go through this “wilderness” I never would have made it to the promise land because as I said, they weren’t really hiring for admin positions. Some days I would grumble as I turned in my hours to the temp agency and saw how many hours that I had left to work but then the Holy Spirit graciously reminded me of God’s goodness and faithfulness. So I would repent and coach my heart on being grateful. All the while I worked my tail off to finish all of my hours while training in TWO departments at the same time and trying to retain it all. Talk about working hard, having long days, being weary but being focused and motivated at the same time. It was the longest short journey EVER. LoL

So here we are: 3 months and 520 hours later. My last day as a temp. On Monday 1/27/2014 I will officially be an employee with Maryhurst, Inc as a QI/Accounting Assistant. Yes, they blended two positions just for me. *chuckle* my God is so amazing!!

To take it a few steps further on the topic of my Abba’s awesomeness: *My husband was in residential work for years and now I’m able to do similar work (in an office though) and relate to my husband better. *With Maryhurst I am able to pour into others (the girls who reside here for treatment) and I am being pour into by my co-workers and the company in general. *We get quotes emailed to us every single morning which are all about Jesus Christ (The Good Shepherd) and how to follow in His footsteps.

I want to end this post with the quote that my supervisor chose and put on my job description:

“While you labor for the Good Shepherd, labor for salvation of souls; this is your calling. Even those who work in the yard, who cook, who clean, who work in the offices, are all working for the salvation of souls.” –St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier


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