Classically, Uniquely John Legend

I understand that there may be a misconception amongst some that says “Christians should only listen to gospel music”. There is no sin in listening to certain secular music. But you have to make sure that what you are listening to isn’t vulgar or against God’s word. As Christians we have to guard our hearts, minds, ears and eyes against lies and deceptions. So be careful about: what you think, what you listen to and what you watch…
Those who know me personally know that J.Legend is my FAVORtITE artist!! In Dec 2004, “Get Lifted” was released. I fell in love with this album the first time that I heard it. This album captured my attention and made me appreciate John Legend’s artistry in music. He is phenomenal lyrically and just plain genius at setting different moods in love. He definitely doesn’t fit into the statistic of black male artists who sing/rap about sex in a vulgar manner. J.Legend is classy and romantic. If you truly listen to his music you will see that he doesn’t make you fall in love or lust with him; rather his lyrics point you to the one that you love most in your own life. Now that’s an artist! 🙂
For me, J.Legend is in a genre of his own and can’t be compared to any other. Every album that he releases is a hit and automatically becomes a classic in my book… Listen to his music and fall in love with the one that you love all over again. 🙂

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