Mama Grace

“Mama Grace” is my official name. “Mama” is my nickname. I hear it a minimum of 30 thirty times each day. My son is smart, genuine, caring, strong, obedient, and most of all he’s ENERGETIC! 🙂
3 years ago if you would have told me that I would have a bright son named Leroy IV I would have said “no way”. LoL. I never imagined that I would be a part of this kid’s life. I never imagined that I would sit with this handsome guy and watch veggie tales while eating Oreos and drinking milk. I hate milk! but with Leroy IV, milk is delicious.
Over the past 2.5 yrs Leroy IV has made a huge impact in my life. Because of him I’m now a mommy, I’m more patient, more loving, more organized and more self controlled. When you become a parent you have to understand that your children are watching you closely and they are doing what you do. This has caused me to monitor my tone of voice and monitor my manners when I’m talking to others. Too often I hear my son responding to others the way that he hears me respond to him and to his dad. By God’s grace, most of those responses are good ones but every once in a while they are a little off. LoL. So I start doing self reflections and asking myself why I say that certain thing to people. (I hope that makes sense to you).Yesterday my son and I started talking about what my job is. I told him that my job is to teach him. I teach him manners, obedience, about God, the bible, respect, etc. I also told him that my job is to help my husband grow him into a man and most importantly my job is to love him. Of course he loved those answers and he confirmed that he clearly sees me doing my job consistently. This made me think and truly reflect on how effective I’m being in those areas. I asked myself if I’m really doing those things to the best of my ability of just going through the motions. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. God has called me to INVEST in my 6yr old son. Not just teaching him the things that he needs to know in terms of society but what he needs to know in terms of eternity in Christ.
I love my baby boy and I commit today to be sure that I’m being diligent in raising him according to God’s commands and not just going through the motions.
Being a mother is a big deal and it’s a blessing from God. Take your role as a mother seriously… Not every woman is blessed to be a mom. trust me, I know. 🙂

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