The Last Day I’ll ever be 24yrs old

Today is the last day that I’ll ever be 24 years old. Oh what a joy! LoL… Every year around my birthday I do self reflections to see how I’ve improved from previous years and which area still need growth. I also reflect on God’s goodness in my life. I guess I can do some of my reflections in this blog. There’s no harm in that. 🙂
24 was a good year…
-My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary of marriage. I have been learning so much about his interests, preferences, mannerisms, etc. It has been bitter sweet. LoL. I am thankful for my husband. Being married has helped me to grow a lot so far. I’m more aware of the needs& wants of those around me, I’m a better servant, more selfless, more cautious of my word choices, etc. I have a lot more growing and learning to do but that’s one of the beauties of marriage; it’s a life long journey that you get to experience with your spouse. Marriage is a beautiful challenge. 🙂
-During this past year I completed my first year of the Seminary Wives Institute at school and met so many great sisters in Christ. I absolutely love the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: the students, workers, events… So taking classes with and meeting other wives was amazing.
-My niece and nephew were born and they are so adorable!
-I went on my 4th mission trip with my church…
-Oh, and I was able to be a full time homemaker the entire year which has always been a prayer and desire of mine. It was pretty awesome being home with my son everyday and teaching him the things of God. We learned a lot about each other and had a great time.
okay, I’m not sure what else has happened this year. LoL. I shouldn’t be drawing a blank but I am. oh goodness… well if I remember more I’ll add it later. haha.
Overall, I praise God for all that He has allowed me to experience and to enjoy during this past year of my life.



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