The Shortness of Life

I got the opportunity this weekend to sit and listen to a beautiful 80 year old woman. She used to live in Louisville, KY but has now moved with her husband to a rural area in KY. She mentioned having a challenging time out there because there aren’t many people around for her to talk to. So I took this as an opportunity to serve her by listening to her heart and it allowed me to practice ‘listening well’. She told me all about her childhood and her life as a pastor’s wife. Her first love, Senior Prom, summer vacations, etc… It was a blessing to me seeing how happy she was to have someone who was willing to sit and listen as she reminisced.
It made me think about the shortness of life. I’m sure that it feels like just yesterday that she was picking out a dress for Senior Prom and enjoying her teen years. Now she is 80yrs old and closer to the end of her life than the beginning. In the present we are living our past. Life is to be cherished and lived to the fullest. Enjoy those who are around you and choose POSITIVITYbecause before you know it you’ll be closer to the end of your life than to the beginning and the majority of your life will be a sweet memory.


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