Marriage and Missions

As I mentioned in my last blog: Haiti was my third mission trip but my first going with my husband. God truly worked out the situation where I would be able to go and experience this mission with Leroy.

Marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for the church. A wife is to submit to her husband as to the Lord (Ephesians 5:22) and a husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25). So when we look at marriages we should see Christ in their interaction, their relationship and life together. Missions are very important to God. He tells us in Matthew 28:19 to GO and make disciples of all nations and baptize them. We must tell people about God and how He sent His only Son to die in our place on the cross so that we can have a relationship with Him and have eternal life. This mission trip to Haiti allowed me to share the Gospel with my husband and to show others that marriage and missions are important to God. People on the trip with us were able to see our interaction together and how we served together on one accord. That brings glory to God.

Adding to that it was good to have Leroy with me because when times got rough he was there to comfort me and also hold me accountable on sin issues. He took me to the Bible and showed me the truth about some of the lies that I believed during that week. We prayed about it together and continued to serve. What a friend!! A true friend will let you know when and how you are wrong and they will help you to improve in that area, right? If you have toilet paper trailing behind you they tell you about it and help you to get it off. LoL. That’s one the first examples that came to my mind.

Leroy and I desire to glorify God through our marriage in every aspect. We want people to see Christ when they look at us together and individually. It is by Christ alone that we are who we are –not by our own strength at all. We love you all and want each of you to have a personal relationship with Christ and to live for Him. If you have questions about this blog entry let me know. And feel free to leave comments about this blog (below). God Bless.



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