Love Haiti Mission

This past week my church went on a mission trip to Haiti. This was my third mission trip and it was amazing like the others but it was extra special because I was able to go with my husband and serve by his side. I’ll talk about that in my next blog.


We left on Saturday 6/9/12 and flew into Port au Prince, Haiti. We stayed at a mission house there over night and drove 4hrs the next day to Les Cayes where we were doing missions. Each morning we met at 6am to have devotion, prayer time and eat breakfast. We worked with a church called “Eglise- Baptiste C.M.B.H”. The men in our group ministered to the Pastors, Ministers and men in the community. They discussed topics like: honoring your wife, prayer, true manhood in Christ, tradition vs. The Bible, etc. The women in our group ministered to wives and women in the community. We discussed topics like: submitting to your husband, raising children, being a godly wife, who God is, etc. The people of Les Cayes loved learning and were deeply seeking God. Some people walked 1-2 days to get to the seminar and slept at the church the entire week. Others walked hours each day to get there. After the seminar each day our mission group had some time to rest and fellowship with one another. In the evenings we went to church and worshipped with our brothers and sisters in Christ. They love to sing songs of praise. Each song was like an avg of 15 minutes long. LOL. We were all jumping, singing out loud so that the entire neighborhood could hear and celebrating with the angels in heaven. As far as we know 7 people dedicated their lives to God last week. We are confident that those who heard the Gospel of Christ will share with their families and friends.


Breakfast- we mainly had mangos, pineapples, omelets, spaghetti, coffee and juice. Lunch- rice, sandwiches, chicken, etc. Dinner- Rice, chicken, and we think that one day we ate GOAT?!? :/ LOL.  Sometimes lunch was dinner and we would eat snacks before bed. But oh, the funny thing about the food is that I was the main person not wanting to take medicine with me on the trip because I thought that I wouldn’t get sick from the bacteria in the food. But ummm… I was the first person to get sick. I actually think that I’m the only one who actually got sick and had to miss out on a half of the day’s activities. LOL. But during that time I was able to rest with my husband and do team building activities with him which was nice and encouraging.


The people in Haiti mainly walk everywhere. Many people have small motorcycles; kind of like a mopeds and some had trucks. The men and women carry baskets of items on their head rather than in their hands because they have to walk long distances. There aren’t many stores but vendors line the street selling clothes, snacks, shoes, souvenirs, etc. The food markets are not indoors but on the side of the roads under tents. There are also mango trees so people collect the mangos when the fall. Many communities do not have running water so they take baths, wash dishes and wash clothes in the streams. There is no waste management so people burn their trash in their front yard or on the side of the road. At a certain time of the day all that you can smell is burning trash. There are not many stop signs or stop lights in Haiti. You don’t have to wait for traffic to be clear, you just fit in where you can and cut people off. LOL. Everyone is hard working. They make furniture, instruments, etc from rocks, trees, etc that are in their neighborhoods. There are a lot of entrepreneurs selling items that they have made or collected. Most of the cities are still damaged from the earthquake but the people are diligently working to restore and rebuild with what they have. It is truly admirable.


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