I’m a Christian too! (Really?!?)

What is a Christian? How can I know if someone is a true Christian or not? There are so many people who call themselves a Christian who actually do not match up with what true Christianity is. This encourages the label of “hypocrite” on all Christians –when in all actuality those hypocritical people may not even be true Christians. The definition of a Christian has been changed into what the world agrees with and what’s convenient. Most people who claim Christianity are clubbing, getting drunk, having sex outside of marriage, lying, complaining, cussing, not studying the Bible, doing what pleases them and much more. These ‘Christians’ feel that they are a true Christian because they go to church on Sundays or maybe just on holidays. When confronted about sin they say “Only God can Judge me”. But that’s a different blog so we’ll get to that comment later. J The whole reason that we humans exist is to glorify God with our lives. God does not watch the actions listed above and smile. He is not happy when we sin. You cannot be a Christian if you are not following Christ. To follow Christ means to do what He did and live how He lived. He was perfect and we aren’t so of course we can only do this to a certain extent because of our sinful nature. But basically Jesus was not walking around Jerusalem cussing and throwing up the middle finger. He was not drinking wine with His friends until He was drunk and falling all over the place. He was not complaining when people asked for healing… Jesus Christ was patient. He was focused on His mission. He was gentle and kind. Yes, He was more direct with the Pharisees but in the Bible we see a Man who cared about people and wanted them to know His Father (God). Yes,CHRISTIANS SIN but we are repentant sinners. We are convicted for the sins that we commit against a Holy and Just God. We hate our sin and desire to be holy as Christ is Holy. Yes, CHRISTIANS ARE HUMAN. We were not born saved. We did not follow God from the beginning. Everyone is born into sin and naturally we want to make ourselves happy and live however we want. Yes, CHRISTIANS HAVE fuN! We are not robots following this long list of rules and miserable. They are a lot of fun things that we can do that aren’t sinful. I want to talk about each of these in detail but I’m not going to post it all in one blog because that would be a ‘book’ and not a ‘blog’. LOL. There will be definitions and scripture references at the end of each blog.


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